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April 11, 2011:


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Want to buy K2 for sale online? You should know that in most states where it is not legal to sell K2 in stores, it is also not legal to possess it, and most people who sell it through the mail will make an effort not to ship it to states where the purchaser may be an undercover police officer. Also, you probably should not use K2 where you can't buy it because if someone has a freak out on K2 and fingers you as the person who supplied it, or if you pass out and it gets found in your pockets, you can face a stiff penalty, including jail time, because even though you can buy K2 for sale online, that does not mean that you should. Naturally, the online seller will say that it has a label telling you it is not for human consumption, but that does not make it legal or people whould have more interesting drugs in their homes with little warning stickers on the bag.

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Special note: Just because someone sells this stuff doesn't mean you should abuse it. After all, it is incense and burning it could lead to a fire if it is unattended, and too much of the smoke may have serious health consequences.